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Astral Story is an art-based RPG based around the creatures who inhabit the astral plane. The astral is a vast plane of existence that is home to essentially any and all types of climate, creature, and realm imaginable -- although the game itself is set in specific places... usually. We hope to foster a playground for a lot of creativity, while still giving actionable prompts and things to do with your characters.

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Change Log

September 22, 2019 12:07:07
Minor UI and appearance updates. (Also changed date/time information to a more readable format on news, comments, etc.)

September 19, 2019 20:19:22
Also introducing a dashboard page! https://astralstory.com/home -- For now, it lists daily activities (the Treasure Hunt button will turn green when you can play, and red if you've already played this period, but is gray if still locked), and the feed will tell you when your friend(s) post a blog! Thank you to the anonymous suggester for suggesting a user feed!

September 19, 2019 20:19:01
Daily quests have been added at https://astralstory.com/quests/daily -- I would like a bit of feedback on these, namely: - Is 24 hours a long enough period of time to complete a prompt? (Would 48 hours be more reasonable?) - Should the minimum requirements be lower (for example, a sketch for art/a shorter word count requirement for writing)? Please feel free to send in a contact form or provide feedback in the Discord!

September 14, 2019 03:17:28
The masterlist has search functions now! You can look for a particular species, a particular user's Astrals, or Astrals that allow/disallow gift art (or any combination of the three parameters). These were all the things I could think of that would be useful, but please feel free to suggest other search parameters if there are others you would use!

Latest News

Welcome Axomaurs!

Hello, friends!Short and sweet announcement today: I have, as of September 21/22, acquired ownership of the Axomaur closed species (found here: Axomaurs Group), and am beginning the process of integrating them into the world of Astral Story!This is very exciting as I personally adore these critters, and am looking forward to getting...
September 22, 2019 17:11:21 | Read more

Pets Update!

"I guess I'm showing up right after Tessa, huh? Well, it's good to see a friendly face around here. I'm Faelyn; I handle a pet shop and also give out bestiaries to those that I feel are deserving. Want to keep a pet from my shop? You gotta get a bestiary."The Bestiary and PetsThe pet update has been re...
September 08, 2019 22:45:39 | Read more

The Aerosphere

"Well hello there! My name's Tessa, and I run the Aerosphere. Entai asked me to come and open up a branch of my shop in their new marketplace. Since I owe them a favor from a few years back, I figure it couldn't hurt! If you ever feel like your environment needs a bit of freshening up, please stop by and say hel...
August 31, 2019 00:01:18 | Read more

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