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We recently merged with the Realm of Lyth! Please follow them for all future updates regarding Astral Story species and concepts.

Our official masterlist is now on the Realm-of-Lyth site.
Please make an account on realm-of-lyth.com to play!
If you'd prefer not to make a site account to update a masterlist entry, please use this journal: Non-Account Masterlist Transfer/Void Forms

If you previously had an Astral Story site account, you can redeem your things on Lyth's site by going here. Thank you for your cooperation!

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IMPORTANT UPDATE! - Astral Story's Future

Hello everyone! This is going to be a bit of a personal announcement, so please bear with me for this one.In addition to Astral Story, I run a game called the Realm of Lyth:https://www.deviantart.com/realm-of-lythhttps://realm-of-lyth.comYou may notice similarities between Lyth’s site...
January 21, 2020 14:29:12 | Read more

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