Element Manifestation Class

You approach a strange tent set up in the Marketplace, covered in mysterious runes and paper charms, each one hung haphazardly across the sides and flaps. Something entices you to walk up to this tent, and suddenly a blast of air bursts out of the flaps on the front, followed by a frazzled Astral who quickly stands and dusts themself off before nodding at you and hurrying away.

As soon as this Astral takes their first steps away, a voice from within the tent yells out, "NEXT!" If you look around or delay your entrance, the voice will call again, "Yes, I mean you." The voice clearly expects you to enter.

Upon entering, you see a surprisingly well-lit tent that is much larger on the inside than it appeared from the outside. Candles float around the ceiling — likely some sort of magic keeps them from being the fire hazard that they should be. Shelves sit on the ground around the edges of the tent, and a large arena sits in the center of it all. You see a Kella Ser levitating upside down, surrounded by a variety of elements. A cloud sits under them while fire and water float through the toes on either of their paws.

"Welcome," the Kella Ser speaks. "My name is Bensuochi. She, if you please." She turns herself around and steps rise out of the earth to meet her paws as she pads down to the ground. "I am here at the request of Entai, to teach Astrals in this area the finer aspects of elemental manipulation. As well as teaching other ways to manipulate the Astral, but..." She eyes you, assessing your ability. "That comes later, if you manage to learn this."

She sits on the ground of the arena opposite you and watches calmly. "Whenever you're ready."


To unlock the rewards from this activity, please draw your Astral learning how to summon and manipulate the elements around them. The ability being learned in this lesson is simply how to manipulate the elements immediately around them — so your Astral would not be able to move mountains a mile away, for example. Any element is fine, even those that might not be considered "typical" — dust, music, ice, fire — feel free to use your imagination here!


1. Please submit your completed prompt image here: Submit ARPG Form
- You can also submit your entry to the Quest, Job, Unlock Prompt Submissions folder, but this is not required.

2. Your entry MUST contain either your Astral. The Minimum Quest/Event Requirements apply for this prompt.

3. You may complete this prompt once per Astral that you own. Due to the nature of the unlock reward, this activity does require your owning an Astral.

4. You MAY, alternatively, commission someone to complete this task for you. As long as they are featuring your Astral in their work and you have permission to turn this art in, this will also count!


The Astral that you complete this activity with will gain the "Element Manifest" trait.

100 Dust (Please claim this in the form when you submit).

You may also claim 15 Dust for each bonus that you complete according to the Minimum Quest/Event Requirements.