Change Log

Jackalune @ December 04, 2019 22:44:58

Added a message which shows up on the first visit to the site that alerts the visitor of our use of cookies.

Jackalune @ October 16, 2019 13:14:27

Fixed an issue preventing logged out folks from viewing news. Also some QOL improvements around notifications and ARPG submissions.

Jackalune @ October 04, 2019 14:15:52

Some minor UI improvements around blogs. Friend feed fixes/improvements. Haunted Faire time changes (extending the end date of the prize shop, adding one "empty" day between costume contest entries/voting).

Jackalune @ September 30, 2019 14:29:13

Fixed an issue which was preventing unregistered (or not logged in) folks from seeing/accessing the site -- sorry about that!

Jackalune @ September 22, 2019 12:07:07

Minor UI and appearance updates. (Also changed date/time information to a more readable format on news, comments, etc.)

Jackalune @ September 19, 2019 20:19:22

Also introducing a dashboard page! -- For now, it lists daily activities (the Treasure Hunt button will turn green when you can play, and red if you've already played this period, but is gray if still locked), and the feed will tell you when your friend(s) post a blog! Thank you to the anonymous suggester for suggesting a user feed!

Jackalune @ September 19, 2019 20:19:01

Daily quests have been added at -- I would like a bit of feedback on these, namely: - Is 24 hours a long enough period of time to complete a prompt? (Would 48 hours be more reasonable?) - Should the minimum requirements be lower (for example, a sketch for art/a shorter word count requirement for writing)? Please feel free to send in a contact form or provide feedback in the Discord!

Jackalune @ September 14, 2019 03:17:28

The masterlist has search functions now! You can look for a particular species, a particular user's Astrals, or Astrals that allow/disallow gift art (or any combination of the three parameters). These were all the things I could think of that would be useful, but please feel free to suggest other search parameters if there are others you would use!

Jackalune @ September 14, 2019 00:30:34

Minor updates to the bestiary over the past couple days; some small visual clean-up and a few bug fixes!

Jackalune @ August 29, 2019 00:51:55 - The Discord info page has been moved on-site (was previously only in a Discord journal). Its navigation link has also moved from Support -> Community

Jackalune @ August 24, 2019 21:26:46

I have also completed some backend QOL improvements that won't be readily visible, but stuff like the job board updates are more automated and streamlined now, and should always swap over immediately at midnight at the end of the month (instead of waiting for me to manually do them)

Jackalune @ August 24, 2019 21:26:22

- You can now see if you have completed the challenge for your free MYO yet or not, by going here: The form to submit is also available on-site now, on that page!

Jackalune @ August 24, 2019 21:25:53

- Astrals can also be transferred on-site to other users:[ASTRAL-ID#]/transfer

Jackalune @ August 24, 2019 21:25:33

- Currency can now be transferred to other users on-site via your inventory:

Jackalune @ August 02, 2019 01:49:58

You can now make people your friends! Or block them! Whichever you would prefer! As of now, staff members (admins and moderators) cannot be blocked. If you ever have an issue with staff, please directly email us. And you can see all of your friends here: - this has also been added to the navigation under "Community."

Jackalune @ August 01, 2019 18:06:00

Fixed a bug which prevented profiles from being updated. Additionally, you can now use html in your profile bio, Astral profile bio, and news comments! This will only allow basic tags like <img>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <a>, etc, but should allow for more customization.

Jackalune @ July 27, 2019 00:13:34

Additionally, the Terms of Service have been updated! - A clause was added regarding the maximum allowed site accounts (this is limited to one).

Jackalune @ July 27, 2019 00:11:45

ARPG submission is now available on-site! Job board and other similar DeviantArt journals will be adjusted to reflect this.

Jackalune @ July 22, 2019 17:30:34

The steps have been added to the Free MYO Challenge! You can view them here:

Jackalune @ July 17, 2019 21:22:09

Notifications page added, and notifications exist for new news! No more wondering if a news post has been added.