Heya! The name's Thistle -- you can usually find me in the digital world. What? I swear it's a real place in the Astral! How do you get there? Come visit us in the Discord server, located here!

Rules & Information

You can find the most up-to-date version of this information on the Discord itself. If there is any discrepancy, defer to the information in the server as it will always be the first to update.

Discord Rules

By participating in the Astral Story server, you agree to abide by all of the following rules. Additionally, these rules are applicable in every channel in the server, regardless of which category it is in.

Please check the pins in each channel to see if there are any special notes or information for that channel!


❖ Please be kind to others! The use of racist, homophobic, transphobic, or other derogatory language is strictly forbidden.

❖ Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

❖ Please keep the chat at a PG-16 level. Content that is pornographic or features excessive violence is not allowed under any circumstances. Profanity/swearing is allowed within reason.

❖ Please try to keep server chat primarily in English. Some deviation from this rule is allowed, but we request English as the primary language for moderation purposes.

❖ If a topic comes up which makes server members uncomfortable, or is requested to be changed by a moderator, please change the topic immediately.

We reserve the right to edit or adjust these rules at any time, but will provide notice if we do so.

New Members

Upon joining, you will need to get verified! Please follow the instructions in the #verification channel to be able to join in and chat in the whole server!


To get an up-to-date version of Thistle's (the primary Astral Story bot) commands, use "!help" in the #public-bot-spam channel.

!help - Get information on all of Thistle's available commands. You can also do !help command for specific information.
!role - Give yourself a self-assignable role! Please only do one at a time. See below for information on all roles available.
!roll - Roll a random number between 1 and the # that you input. Useful for raffles, or just flipping a coin.
All roles listed below can be self-assigned with the bot! Post !role nameofroleyouwant to get the role added. You can remove a role you no longer want by using the same command!

@they/them | @she/her | @he/him - These are the currently available pronoun rules (you can add all, none, or change them as you like!)

@Notifications - Assign this role to get pinged for all news updates. Major news will still ping everyone, but add this role to get pinged for everything!

@Design Pings - Assign this role to get pinged for design sales!

MEE6 also provides some commands:

!rank - shows your in-server level based on activity in the Astral Story server
!levels - shows the leaderboard for the Astral Story server

There are other bots as well, used for general upkeep, giveaways, etc. These do not currently have publicly usable commands, and will have instructions on how to participate with them when necessary (such as during a giveaway).


Coming soon! Will be retroactive once implemented.