General World Information

World - The Astral

The world in which Astral Story takes place is collectively known as “the Astral.” It is a mechanically-infinite selection of realms which are interconnected (some, more tenuous than others). Those who reside here are physical creatures, who teleport and travel around to multiple planes for various reasons.

Plotlines for Astral Story will typically focus on specific places where large groups of the Astral’s denizens have gathered for various reasons. For example, there are marketplaces where travelers can gather and shop, knowing that a variety of shopkeepers will always be set up. However, individual storylines are open and allow for travel in places which may never be mentioned in “canon” lore.

Some of the Astral is inundated with various elements, which can heavily affect the plane and creatures in the area. There are neutral areas as well, though more research needs to be done on the effects of elements.

Astrals who have received training may create their own “Sanctuary” spaces, which are small sized planes that can be controlled and changed at will by the creator. These function somewhat differently from other planes. If only someone was around with the knowledge to train others on how to make them...

Travel - Doors

To move around between Astral planes, most use something known as a “Door.” Doors are essentially a method of teleportation which can be used to travel between known planes.

Summoning a Door can be done anywhere (into thin air!), and creates a literal, physical door which is unique to the individual in design. Envisioning the destination and stepping through allows the summoner to teleport to their desired location.

Teleportation is a type of magic which all Astrals innately have, though there may be uncommon exceptions where they do not. However, it can still be exhausting, and takes energy to summon a Door! They are primarily used for inter-planar travel, but may be used within the same plane -- however, the energy expenditure is often not worth it within the same plane, unless traveling a very long distance (or not requiring that energy for other things).

Teleportation via Door can be very imprecise -- the more familiar the summoner is with the destination, the more likely they are to successfully teleport to the exact location they desire. It is possible to travel to a completely random or unknown (to the summoner) territory, but this can be dangerous and is not recommended unless the summoner is part of an experienced adventurer/mapping party.

Denizens - Astrals

The Astral is full of a myriad of creatures which are collectively known as “Astrals.” Those who are considered playable characters all have intelligence and reasoning abilities which could be equated to human-level. However, there are also many beings which exist that are more animal-like. Some of these are dangerous, and must be protected against while in the wild -- others are domesticated and kept like pets.

There are some creatures throughout the Astral plane who exceed what playable characters are capable of, as well. Not much is known about such beings, other than rumors and stories.

Communication between language-capable species is relatively easy. Within species, individual written and spoken languages exist, but all are able to communicate via a form of common communication magic. With the aid of thoughts, feelings, and impressions, communication is typically clear and language-related misunderstandings rarely happen between species that commonly interact.


Groups of Astrals have come together across planes to create large organizations and guilds with various purposes. For example there is an adventurer’s organization whose public purpose is to explore and map the entirety of the Astral.

Other groups have banded together for a variety of purposes, not all as benevolent as the rest. It is quite likely to run into a representative of many organizations when exploring the Astral planes.

Currency - Dust

Dust is one of the few constants that exists in all areas of the Astral. For most, it manifests as sparkling, shining, star-shaped gems or stones. It is one of the few things which can be used as currency in most known marketplaces, and can be accepted with relatively consistent exchange rates.