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IMPORTANT UPDATE! - Astral Story's Future

Hello everyone! This is going to be a bit of a personal announcement, so please bear with me for this one.

In addition to Astral Story, I run a game called the Realm of Lyth:
You may notice similarities between Lyth’s site and our own, as they were both built on the same code/general layout base.

When I initially acquired Lyth, I had intended to work on both it and Astral alongside each other, possibly pushing some features to both of them simultaneously, but giving each of them their own spin. What I've realized in the past couple of months, however, is that I don't think running two games is the right plan for me as I've spread myself thin and even working on them full time, I can't devote all of my power to either of them like I want to.

And then, at the beginning of the month, we began merging Symph Pond with Realm of Lyth (the team over at Lyth did a ton of work while I was dealing with a family emergency and it’s absolutely because of their help that everything went smoothly) -- the merger went really well and it was, I believe, super good for both communities.

After that point, the Lyth team and I have been working on the details of a merger and I reached the decision to fully merge Astral Story into the Realm of Lyth.

What does this mean for Astral Story?

All six Astral species will be merged into the Realm of Lyth, as Lythians. Some of them are experiencing some makeovers appearance-wise, but you’re free to continue using their designs as they’ve always been, if you’d like.
The masterlist will be moved to -- those with an account can adjust their characters as before, but character transfers are also available here for anyone who does not want to sign up:

Traits are being removed. Most Realm of Lyth species don’t utilize traits, which allows for further customization and variation in designs. Personally I’m super excited about this change, as it gives us a lot of room to play with future designs and characters. (If you purchased an MYO back in September with added traits, please feel free to contact me for compensation/a refund for the traits added to the ticket with USD.)
All communication will be merged into Lyth’s -- I recommend joining Lyth’s communities, as the Astral Story Discord server and DeviantArt group will be closed/put in maintenance mode in the future, to allow us to fully merge into Lyth. (Lyth’s Discord information: )

If you would like to continue playing the game, then we will offer account transfers to the Realm of Lyth website ( At some point in the future, the Astral Story domain will redirect to the Realm of Lyth and the Astral server will no longer be maintained.

If you would like to keep your Astral characters but remove them from Lyth should you not want to be associated with the game at all, we can void them for you! This would remove them from the masterlist and they would no longer be considered Astrals/Lythians. This process is also not reversible. Voids are available here:

For those who choose to transfer their accounts, please check the bottom of this post for further instructions. Transfers will include the following changes:

Dust is going to be merged with Lyth’s currency (Loonoles) at a 100:20 ratio (100 Dust = 20 Loonoles).
Trait items in inventories will be removed and compensated at their full shop value. (So if you have a potion worth 100 Dust, you will receive 20 Loonoles in your inventory.)

Pedestals are being replaced with frames. The code for frames is a bit different from pedestals so changing these from the “basic” ones won’t be possible for a short time, however your unlocked pedestals will be recorded and replaced with the correlating frames in the future, so you won’t lose them!

Much of Astral’s other gameplay, such as NPC reputation, guilds, bestiaries, etc. will be merged into Lyth. So you’ll still be able to play around with most all of the features that we’ve released in 2019!
You’ll also be able to use your Astrals in Lyth (as Lythians!) to play the parts of Lyth that have already been released and are upcoming.

Astrals will fall under Lyth’s terms of service, which is very similar, in general:

Anyone who chooses to transfer their Astral account to Lyth will also receive the “Astral Denizen” achievement, which shows that you were a member before the merge and decided to stick with us beyond it!

To transfer your account, please first create an account at Then contact us via any of the following methods, using your DeviantArt account associated with your Astral Story account, your Discord account in the server, or your email associated with your Astral Story account:
- Respond to this DeviantArt Comment:
- Send @Jackalune a message on Discord (must be a member of the Astral Story server to use this option)
- PM Jackalune on the Astral Story website
- Email using the email associated with your Astral Story account

Tell us your username on Astral Story AND your username on the Realm of Lyth and we’ll get your account data transferred over!

Thank you so much for sticking with us through everything! I’ve had an absolutely wonderful 2019 working on Astral Story and I am stoked to get into 2020 and work on the Realm of Lyth including Astral!

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Guilds are Available!

Guilds are now live!

This very large and exciting update brings a several new things to the Astral! First and foremost, there are no requirements to creating a guild, other than you must own an Astral. In order to create a guild, just visit the guilds index and click the button to make a guild! Each of your Astrals can be a member (or leader) of a guild, and each one can join the same or different guilds. An Astral can only be a member of one guild at a time, however.

Once you've made or joined a guild, you can then access the home page from this index (the guild will also be shown on the Astral's profile!). The homepage will show information and statistics about the guild, as well as display the currently-available quests.

You can see all members of the guild from the members page, as well as their ranks and contribution (you gain contribution via quests!). Leaders and administrators of a guild can also change member ranks from here.

On the message board, you can chat with other members of your guild. For now, it's a simple bulletin board style chat, but suggestions are welcome for what you would like to see from this section of the feature!

Leaders and admins of the guild can also access a settings panel, where the guild emblem's image can be edited (this shows up on the home page, and all members' profiles), as well as rank information and privacy settings. (Private guilds cannot be joined without an invitation which must be sent by an existing member.)

All guilds start off with 5 spaces available for members (each Astral counts as a member, even if the same user owns them), and must level up in order to have more members join. To level up, individual members can complete quests to earn contribution, which is included in the total.

I'm incredibly excited to bring this update as the first part of hopefully many more to guild and faction-related features where you can interact with friends and community members while working toward a common goal!

To facilitate the addition of guild quests, the ARPG submission form has been updated to include which Astrals are being featured in a turned-in quest. Please include this information when turning in quests to assure the system properly sends out rewards!

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Secret Santa and Card Sign-ups!

Sign-ups for the Astral Story 2019 Secret Santa are open! You can find the form here:

Participation is not required -- there are no prizes other than the good feeling of sending a gift, and also receiving something in exchange!

The deadline to sign up is November 30th @ 23:59:59 EST!
You can also now sign up to receive a physical holiday post card in the mail.

These are FREE, but limited (40 are available!), and do require giving a name and postal address to send them to! (US and International both okay!)

Thank you to everyone for being a member of Astral Story and making our little community awesome!
And finally, the server host is planning to do a scheduled maintenance on the network that Astral Story is hosted on at the following times:

Start Time: 2019-11-29 06:00:00 UTC

End Time: 2019-11-29 10:00:00 UTC

The site should not go down for more than ~30 seconds at any point, but there could be some slight lag/delay during the time period!

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No Month Like November

The Haunted Faire has officially come to an end! You can still visit the Prize Shop until the end of the year to spend your Faire Tickets, but all activities have now ended. The link will remain in the navigation for a couple days, but will be removed soon.

Congratuations to RetroSpectra for winning the Costume Contest! And a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the event! Please look forward to our next event, themed around the upcoming holidays!

This month's free raffle design has begun, featuring AXOM-55! You can enter the raffle for free by visiting the Raffles page.

Moving forward into November: this month, we are leaving the roadmap a bit open. The current plan includes adding new items to the existing shops, releasing the long-awaited gift art feature (it has expanded a bit beyond the initial design thus causing a delay, but should be coming in a few days), new designs, and working on a couple of very large upcoming features. More information will be posted soon, but for now: welcome to November!

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Happy Halloween!

All Haunted Faire activities have been extended until November 3rd at 23:59:59 Eastern Time! Please be sure to submit your Inktober/Art Quests/votes by then!

Additionally, a new achievement has been added which will be rewarded to EVERYONE who has participated in any of the Haunted Faire activities. This will be manually awarded after the event ends! Don't forget there's also a limited achievement available from completing one of the Art Quests, specifically.

A new user tutorial was added to the site this month, which aims to explain how the game works and how to play! This will likely be updated as activities expand in the future. By completing the tutorial while logged in, you'll receive a special starter pack to get your adventures rolling!

We now have a "dark mode" site layout that you can choose to use! You can change between the layouts by going to this page in your settings! You can also find it from the top navigation via Personal - Account Settings - Change Layout.

And last, but not least, a new ARPG quest is available. Someone new has moved into the marketplace and is now offering a class on how to manifest the elements around you. This class is playable with each of your Astrals, and is the method to unlocking the "Element Manifest" trait for each one who completes it.

Element Manifest is the first trait that does NOT have to be reflected on the Masterlist art, as it's possible to turn it on or off (but you CAN include it if you would like, after unlocking it!). This class will also be a prerequisite for a future class, which Bensuochi will only offer to those she's deemed worthy (by completing the first class!).

That's all for today, see you all in November! The raffle design for next month will not be going up until a few days after the first, but will be entirely on-site starting in November!

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