News and Updates

Mid-August Updates

Welcome to August's (almost) halfway point! We have added a few new things over the recent days that we are very excited to announce:


Initially made as a way to discuss smaller developments that may not require full news, Blogs are now available to everyone! Feel free to make your own blogs and use them for pretty much anything! Making to-do lists, wishlists, goals, regular journals, small story snippets, actual blogging -- whatever you desire. Currently blogs do not support comments, but you may edit and/or delete your own blogs as you wish.

Profile Comments

Profile comments are also here! To leave a comment on someone's profile, just visit and scroll to the bottom. If you would like to prevent anyone who's not your friend from commenting, you can do so by checking the new setting in your profile edit options -- -- friend restriction is currently off by default.

Twice-Weekly Treasure Hunt

And last of the big updates -- but certainly not least -- our first recurring, unlockable activity! The Treasure Hunt is now available to unlock by completing art (or writing, crafts, etc) related to a specific prompt detailed on the page. Once the prompt has been submitted and approved, you will be able to visit the Treasure Hunt activity during two periods each week (Monday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday).

With the click of a button, you will search for treasure and hopefully find something (but sometimes may find nothing...)!

New items found from this activity are known as "Treasures." Collected treasures can be traded with other users, or added to a specific Astral's collection. Once added to a collection, they are permanently removed from your inventory and can be seen on the bottom of your Astral's profile page. As of now, they may not be removed from a collection once added.

Treasure collections are bound-to-Astral and will travel with them should they ever be traded.

Please feel free to submit suggestions related to this activity (as well as bugs) via the Contact page, or in our official Discord server. Happy hunting!

New Potions

Entai's shop now has two color change potions available which can be used to... change your Astrals' colors!

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes included with this update:
- Multiple pages have been reconfigured for better mobile responsiveness
- The overall mobile layout should hold content better and not be so squished
- Species references are being updated to newer and improved art. The old art will still be available to use as a base.

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August Updates!

Welcome to August! A new month begins, which means many things have been updated!


Last month's Draw to Adopt has been converted to a free raffle!
All you have to do is comment on the DeviantArt submission to enter. This raffle will be open for 3 days and the winner will be publicly rolled in the Discord!

This month's free character design is available!
To enter to receive this month's, just draw a piece of art that fits the requirements, and you will be entered into a raffle to receive the character at the end of the month. There is no judging for this one!


The Monthly Job Board has been updated with the new jobs for the month of August. Earn Dust to spend in the marketplace by completing prompts for various NPCs throughout the Astral!

Looking Forward

A project roadmap has been created for Astral Story. This is currently hosted on Trello and may be viewed here. The goal with this is to be more transparent regarding the updates that are planned for the site in the future, and the immediate plans for the coming month. This Trello board also has a voting function, which allows you to add a +1 to ideas and requests that you would like to see implemented (though you must be logged into a Trello account to do so)! Suggestions will now be listed here, either in "Ideas and Requests" or in "Planned."

August should be a busy month with several features planned for implementation, as well as a new activity that involves, well, art!

Be sure to keep an eye on the change log for smaller updates throughout the month. Have a wonderful August!

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The Marketplace is Open!

Some time has passed since Entai began issuing the pamphlets and looking for assistance in finding the perfect location fo their new marketplace. When you visit their stall again, Entai is gone; in their place is a small handwritten sign.

"Thanks for your help!

Here's the coordinates for the new marketplace; please come visit!"

You don't know how long this old market will allow advertising from Entai's stall, but now that you have the information for the new plane, it might be worth a visit!

Entai's new shop is definitely more than a stall, but is a bit of a weirdly-shaped building. The orb sits by itself on a newly-tilled piece of dirt, surrounded by what looks like as-of-yet unexplored territories.

The marketplace is now open!

Though it only houses Entai's Potion Shop currently, they will assure you that they are seeking out more merchants to set up their own shops here as well.

Entai's Potion Shop is now available to peruse for trait potions! At this time, these are the only items available, but more will be on the way!

Making a purchase from an NPC shop earns you reputation with that NPC at a 1:1 rate. In Entai's case, their welcome dialogue will change as your reputation increases, and they will offer the special Extra Limbs Potion for sale upon reaching 4,000 reputation.

With the release of the trait potion items, you can find purchased potions in your expanded Inventory. From this location, you can send your owned items to other users automatically. However, to apply a trait potion to your Astral, you will still need to use the Masterlist Update Hub on DeviantArt (for now, that is)! If you are completing the challenges for your first MYO Astral, you can also apply traits to that Astral upon turn-in.

Thank you to everyone who helped Entai find their new marketplace location! Please keep an eye out for new items and shopkeepers in the near future (Rumor has it that a particular aesthetician has been entering talks with Entai...).

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A Challenger Approaches... [Mini-Event]

One day, you visit one of the well-known city-hub planes. There are many stalls set up here with various wares for sale, and advertisements for adventures. But one particular stall catches your eye...

Behind the basic wooden counter stands a pink... Natbaktera? They are wearing a white coat, and their four arms are furiously pulling potions out of the crates stacked around them, while somehow managing to stuff some sort of brochure into the hands of waiting patrons.

You decide to approach...

As soon as the Natbaktera notices you, they grin and greet you:

Entai: "HELLO! Er--hello! Th'name's Entai, can I interest you in a potion to give you wings?"

You are not given a chance to respond before they continue.

Entai: "Well, I also have potions for horns and claws and sharp pointy teeth like mine--" they grin some more, "or even some dye for your fur... Or are you interested in an adventure?"

Entai: "So as you can see, I'm a potion salesperson. I love crafting potions, selling them, thinking of new concoctions..." They turn and stare off into the distance for a while--you think; they are wearing goggles and it's difficult to tell. "AHEM! Anyway, that's all fine and good, but I need a place to set up shop. That's the adventure. I want to make a new marketplace!"

Entai: "Okay, okay. You need some more information. Well, here's a brochure with everything you need! Thank you for your help!"

Investigate the brochure.

Entai needs your help! The brochure specifically says that they are seeking a location in the Astral where they can start up a new marketplace where they can set up a full shop instead of keeping their small streetside stall. To be successful, they will have to invite other shop owners later too, but first they need help to find an actual location for the shop!

To participate, please draw your Astral looking for a location to build Entai's dream marketplace. You can interpret this prompt in any way that you like, but you must include some sort of information about the place your Astral has gone looking, will be looking, or imagines would be a good place. This may be in the form of a textual description or a background in your art submission. Your Astral must be included, but if you do not have one, you may use Entai themself!

1. Please reply to this comment to submit your completed prompt: Here!
- You can also submit your entry to the Event Submissions folder, but this is not required.

2. Your entry MUST contain either your Astral or Entai the NPC, as well as either a background or a description of the area your Astral is exploring. The Minimum Submission Requirement for this mini-event is a refined sketch.

3. You may only enter for prizes once, but you are free to make other event-related art.

Everyone who participates and completes the prompt with the minimum requirements will receive:

1 random trait potion from Entai's Potion Shop (each potion grants one specific common, uncommon, or rare trait from this list)
You will also receive 10 Dust for each bonus that you complete according to the Minimum Event Requirements.
(Prizes will be granted at the end of the event.)

DEADLINE: July 27th, 2019 at 23:59:59 EDT

All submissions must be sent in by this time!

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July - New Month, New Stuff!

Note: this is a legacy news post from before the on-site news system existed. It has been uploaded for recordkeeping purposes.

It's July! Hopefully you are staying cool (or warm, depending on your location) in the weather!

The MYO Event has been EXTENDED by 3 days!

Due to the issues related to the https domain, the event has been extended by 3 days! Additionally, the site is now properly certified and soon will be adjusted to always redirect to https -- for now, either http or https works! Sorry again for the inconvenience!

The free MYO event will now end on July 3, 2019 @ 11:59:59pm EDT -- thank you to everyone who has entered! All of the designs have been absolutely fantastic!


This month's DTA has also begun!

The deadline is the 31st of July!


Finally, June's DTA has ended!
The winner of WOLF-1 is stonesavage! All of the entries were so good and it was difficult to choose the winner! Everyone who entered has also received 100 Dust!


Sounds like there is a raffle going on for 3 days for a custom Astral in the Discord server...

Looking Forward...

The next big planned update is the addition of items on-site, as well as shops from which to purchase them. The goal for this is sometime around the middle of July.

A small event will be tied to this release, so please look forward to it!

If you would like to read more small updates about development and what is coming next, please join our Discord server!

We have received some GREAT suggestions so far that are definitely a goal to implement, though they may not all get included in this month's updates. But thank you so much to everyone who has sent a suggestion in!


At the time of writing, we still have 1-2 moderation positions and 1-2 organizational positions available. Additionally, we are seeking guest artists!

You can read more information on all open positions, as well as application instructions, here:

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