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The Haunted Faire Begins!

"Hello and welcome to my home...

"If I had a name, I've forgotten it long ago, but I am the leader of the small carnival here on this plane. You will find all number of ghosts and spirits, most of which I assure you are plenty friendly.

"Please enjoy the facilities. We have no need of your Dust here, but you can participate in a variety of games to win our own currency and spend it for fantastic prizes. Most of the spirits here are just lonely and having someone to play their games would bring them the utmost joy.

"Thank you for coming, friend. Please, enjoy yourself."

The Haunted Faire Begins!

It's time, the Haunted Faire has truly begun! There are a variety of activities, including daily apple bobbing (may award Faire Tickets or a variety of exclusive pets and treasures), repeatable art quests, a costume contest, and the new Prize Shop, where you can spend your hard-earned Faire Tickets! The hub will be available as a link in the top navigation until the event is over at the end of this month!

The shop contains an event exclusive new Trait, "Ghost," as well as an event exclusive Pedestal, the "Summoning Circle." MYO Tickets are also available in the shop for those who are able to earn enough tickets during the event!

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It's Time to Get Spooky

Happy October! It's time to get spooky!


The Haunted Faire will be opening soon, but in the meantime Inktober prompts are currently available!

The October Raffle has been posted and is available till the end of the month! To enter this one, you must write a poem on the topic of "seasons"! If you do not have a DeviantArt account, please feel free to comment on this news update with your poem to enter.


Achievements were recently added and will be expanded upon as we move forward! You can find the available achievements, as well as your unlocked ones, via the link under "Personal" (while logged in), or when viewing someone's profile.

Astral Trait Display Changes

Some adjustments have been made to the way Astral traits are displayed on profiles (and stored internally). They now also list rarities alongside each trait, and a description on hover. Some Astrals have two trait lists shown, but this will be removed shortly (leaving only the updated list version).

Axomaur Update

The anticipated date for the Axomaur masterlist transfer to begin is October 15th (latest Axomaurs journal)! Along with Axomaurs will be a whole slew of new traits available to all species of Astral!

Moving Forward...

The Roadmap has been updated with goal releases for this month! We will post more information on individual releases as the month progresses.

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Welcome Axomaurs!

Hello, friends!

Short and sweet announcement today: I have, as of September 21/22, acquired ownership of the Axomaur closed species (found here: Axomaurs Group), and am beginning the process of integrating them into the world of Astral Story!

This is very exciting as I personally adore these critters, and am looking forward to getting them their own place in the Astral as soon as possible. More information will be available soon, as their conversion is finalized (I will be working on trait conversions and moving them over to our site masterlist in the coming days), but you can look forward to seeing them added as playable species (equal to all other Astrals in playability) soon!

They will not, at this time, be an option for the free MYO challenge, however.

You do NOT need to follow the Axomaur group as the goal is to fully integrate them into Astral Story moving forward. Once their transfer to the Astral is complete, more information about the species, bases, etc. will be posted!

I’m super excited to welcome Axomaurs and their community, and I can’t wait to see their adventures in Astral Story!

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Pets Update!

"I guess I'm showing up right after Tessa, huh? Well, it's good to see a friendly face around here. I'm Faelyn; I handle a pet shop and also give out bestiaries to those that I feel are deserving. Want to keep a pet from my shop? You gotta get a bestiary."

The Bestiary and Pets

The pet update has been released! Pets, once acquired, are added to your bestiary, which is viewable from a new button on your profile, or by visiting

Initially, your bestiary will not be unlocked! In order to unlock it, you must first complete an art (or writing, craft, etc) challenge. Once completed and approved, you will be able to view your bestiary, including all collectible pets, as well as any custom pets you have obtained. Once added, regular pets are permanently recorded in your bestiary, even if you trade them away. However, custom pets WILL be removed if you trade them away, as custom pets are considered unique, so only the current owner is able to record them.

Additionally, if you happen to obtain a pet before unlocking your bestiary, it will be recorded retroactively once the bestiary is unlocked!

Obtained pets can be added or removed from your Astrals via your inventory. Attaching a pet to an Astral does not remove them from your bestiary (as you still "own" them), even if they are custom. Attached pets can be viewed on an Astral's profile, where you will also find options to give the pet a nickname or remove it and return it to your inventory. There is currently no limit to how many pets an Astral may have attached to them.

Complete the art task for Faelyn to unlock your bestiary and receive your first custom pet MYO item!

The Pet Place

The Pet Place is a new shop run by Faelyn. He has a variety of pets for sale, with more coming in the future. Unfortunately, he won't sell them to anyone without a bestiary -- you have to prove yourself first! Like with the other two shop NPCs, you may earn reputation with him by making purchases from his shop, once you have unlocked it.

User Avatars

You may now choose an avatar to use around the site. Currently, avatars are visible on your profile and within comments on other profiles and the news. For now, you must upload your avatar to a site such as or imgur, and link to it within the site -- this is likely to change to a direct upload in the future. To change your avatar, visit your profile settings!


The September Draw to Enter Raffle has been posted and is available till the end of the month! (Although it says "draw to enter" you may also craft/write, if you would prefer to do so!)

Guest Artist

Ghosttown1195 has been added as an official guest artist! You can find their designs on their DeviantArt profile.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes included with this update:
- Various small fixes have been implemented since the last news update. Please see the Change Log for a an updated list as bug fixes are completed!

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The Aerosphere

"Well hello there! My name's Tessa, and I run the Aerosphere. Entai asked me to come and open up a branch of my shop in their new marketplace. Since I owe them a favor from a few years back, I figure it couldn't hurt! If you ever feel like your environment needs a bit of freshening up, please stop by and say hello!"

The Aerosphere

The Aerosphere has opened up in the marketplace! Tessa, the shop's owner, is a collector of many backgrounds, and has a small variety of pedestals which can be purchased and used on any Astral of your choice to change their background.

She plans to bring in more stock in the future and widen the variety of pedestals she has on offer later on.

Like with Entai, you can earn reputation with Tessa by purchasing from her store. To see what a particular pedestal looks like, hover over its item to get a small preview in the tooltip.

Giveaway! - 1 pedestal is being raffled off to all members of the Discord in the #giveaways-and-raffles channel of the official server. (Winner may choose which of the shop pedestals they would like.)

Species References

All species references have been updated, and the new versions have been added as bases to their respective Google Drives (accessible via the species info pages).

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes included with this update:
- Various small fixes have been implemented since the last news update. Please see the Change Log for a complete list.

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