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The Haunted Faire Begins!

"Hello and welcome to my home...

"If I had a name, I've forgotten it long ago, but I am the leader of the small carnival here on this plane. You will find all number of ghosts and spirits, most of which I assure you are plenty friendly.

"Please enjoy the facilities. We have no need of your Dust here, but you can participate in a variety of games to win our own currency and spend it for fantastic prizes. Most of the spirits here are just lonely and having someone to play their games would bring them the utmost joy.

"Thank you for coming, friend. Please, enjoy yourself."

The Haunted Faire Begins!

It's time, the Haunted Faire has truly begun! There are a variety of activities, including daily apple bobbing (may award Faire Tickets or a variety of exclusive pets and treasures), repeatable art quests, a costume contest, and the new Prize Shop, where you can spend your hard-earned Faire Tickets! The hub will be available as a link in the top navigation until the event is over at the end of this month!

The shop contains an event exclusive new Trait, "Ghost," as well as an event exclusive Pedestal, the "Summoning Circle." MYO Tickets are also available in the shop for those who are able to earn enough tickets during the event!

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