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No Month Like November

The Haunted Faire has officially come to an end! You can still visit the Prize Shop until the end of the year to spend your Faire Tickets, but all activities have now ended. The link will remain in the navigation for a couple days, but will be removed soon.

Congratuations to RetroSpectra for winning the Costume Contest! And a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the event! Please look forward to our next event, themed around the upcoming holidays!

This month's free raffle design has begun, featuring AXOM-55! You can enter the raffle for free by visiting the Raffles page.

Moving forward into November: this month, we are leaving the roadmap a bit open. The current plan includes adding new items to the existing shops, releasing the long-awaited gift art feature (it has expanded a bit beyond the initial design thus causing a delay, but should be coming in a few days), new designs, and working on a couple of very large upcoming features. More information will be posted soon, but for now: welcome to November!

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