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Guilds are Available!

Guilds are now live!

This very large and exciting update brings a several new things to the Astral! First and foremost, there are no requirements to creating a guild, other than you must own an Astral. In order to create a guild, just visit the guilds index and click the button to make a guild! Each of your Astrals can be a member (or leader) of a guild, and each one can join the same or different guilds. An Astral can only be a member of one guild at a time, however.

Once you've made or joined a guild, you can then access the home page from this index (the guild will also be shown on the Astral's profile!). The homepage will show information and statistics about the guild, as well as display the currently-available quests.

You can see all members of the guild from the members page, as well as their ranks and contribution (you gain contribution via quests!). Leaders and administrators of a guild can also change member ranks from here.

On the message board, you can chat with other members of your guild. For now, it's a simple bulletin board style chat, but suggestions are welcome for what you would like to see from this section of the feature!

Leaders and admins of the guild can also access a settings panel, where the guild emblem's image can be edited (this shows up on the home page, and all members' profiles), as well as rank information and privacy settings. (Private guilds cannot be joined without an invitation which must be sent by an existing member.)

All guilds start off with 5 spaces available for members (each Astral counts as a member, even if the same user owns them), and must level up in order to have more members join. To level up, individual members can complete quests to earn contribution, which is included in the total.

I'm incredibly excited to bring this update as the first part of hopefully many more to guild and faction-related features where you can interact with friends and community members while working toward a common goal!

To facilitate the addition of guild quests, the ARPG submission form has been updated to include which Astrals are being featured in a turned-in quest. Please include this information when turning in quests to assure the system properly sends out rewards!

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