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Mid-August Updates

Welcome to August's (almost) halfway point! We have added a few new things over the recent days that we are very excited to announce:


Initially made as a way to discuss smaller developments that may not require full news, Blogs are now available to everyone! Feel free to make your own blogs and use them for pretty much anything! Making to-do lists, wishlists, goals, regular journals, small story snippets, actual blogging -- whatever you desire. Currently blogs do not support comments, but you may edit and/or delete your own blogs as you wish.

Profile Comments

Profile comments are also here! To leave a comment on someone's profile, just visit and scroll to the bottom. If you would like to prevent anyone who's not your friend from commenting, you can do so by checking the new setting in your profile edit options -- -- friend restriction is currently off by default.

Twice-Weekly Treasure Hunt

And last of the big updates -- but certainly not least -- our first recurring, unlockable activity! The Treasure Hunt is now available to unlock by completing art (or writing, crafts, etc) related to a specific prompt detailed on the page. Once the prompt has been submitted and approved, you will be able to visit the Treasure Hunt activity during two periods each week (Monday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday).

With the click of a button, you will search for treasure and hopefully find something (but sometimes may find nothing...)!

New items found from this activity are known as "Treasures." Collected treasures can be traded with other users, or added to a specific Astral's collection. Once added to a collection, they are permanently removed from your inventory and can be seen on the bottom of your Astral's profile page. As of now, they may not be removed from a collection once added.

Treasure collections are bound-to-Astral and will travel with them should they ever be traded.

Please feel free to submit suggestions related to this activity (as well as bugs) via the Contact page, or in our official Discord server. Happy hunting!

New Potions

Entai's shop now has two color change potions available which can be used to... change your Astrals' colors!

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes included with this update:
- Multiple pages have been reconfigured for better mobile responsiveness
- The overall mobile layout should hold content better and not be so squished
- Species references are being updated to newer and improved art. The old art will still be available to use as a base.

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