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The Aerosphere

"Well hello there! My name's Tessa, and I run the Aerosphere. Entai asked me to come and open up a branch of my shop in their new marketplace. Since I owe them a favor from a few years back, I figure it couldn't hurt! If you ever feel like your environment needs a bit of freshening up, please stop by and say hello!"

The Aerosphere

The Aerosphere has opened up in the marketplace! Tessa, the shop's owner, is a collector of many backgrounds, and has a small variety of pedestals which can be purchased and used on any Astral of your choice to change their background.

She plans to bring in more stock in the future and widen the variety of pedestals she has on offer later on.

Like with Entai, you can earn reputation with Tessa by purchasing from her store. To see what a particular pedestal looks like, hover over its item to get a small preview in the tooltip.

Giveaway! - 1 pedestal is being raffled off to all members of the Discord in the #giveaways-and-raffles channel of the official server. (Winner may choose which of the shop pedestals they would like.)

Species References

All species references have been updated, and the new versions have been added as bases to their respective Google Drives (accessible via the species info pages).

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes included with this update:
- Various small fixes have been implemented since the last news update. Please see the Change Log for a complete list.

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