Daily Quests

January 21, 2020's Quest:

The current quest is available until the end of the day at 23:59:59.

To turn in your quests, please visit the ARPG submissions page and fill out the form. All submissions must fulfill the Minimum Quest/Event Requirements and may interpret the prompt in whatever way most inspires and appeals to you! Bonuses DO apply; please remember to calculate your Dust in the form!

Quests rotate on a daily basis, and may be completed once each day.

Rewards: 100 Dust for completing a quest with the minimum requirements.
Every bonus completed adds 15 Dust.


Draw, write, craft, or make music about your Astral, an NPC, or another Astral that you have permission to draw, following the below prompt (you are not required to include the quest giver, but may do so if you would like):

An exceptionally pristine cloaked figure needs you to collect eggs for them.