Monthly Job Board

January's Quests:

The current quests are available until January 31 at 23:59:59.

To turn in your quests, please visit the ARPG submissions page and fill out the form. All submissions must fulfill the Minimum Quest/Event Requirements and may interpret the prompt in whatever way most inspires and appeals to you! Bonuses DO apply; please remember to calculate your Dust in the form!

Quests rotate on a monthly basis, and may be completed once each.

Rewards: 100 Dust for completing a quest with the minimum requirements.
Every bonus completed adds 15 Dust.

Assistant Chef

A vampire who lost their memories forgot an ancient family lasagna recipe. Help them make it.

"Sword" Merchant

Some goats are pulling a sleigh with a sword merchant. Nothing he actually has are swords. He doesnt even know what swords are. He just calls everything swords. An example: "This here sword is right and flat, so you can use it to hide behind!" "Thats.... obviously a shield" "Oh! Thats a good name! Every sword needs a good name! Asheeld, I like that! Now I have a sword here that grants you an hour of water breathing when you drink it." Help him name his "Swords."

Making Cookies

A Kella Ser needs help baking cookies. Help them bake the cookies.

Flyte... Er, Flight!

A baby Gryfon needs help learning to fly. Maybe put it on your head and run around with its wings out to help emulate what flying would feel like.