Monthly Job Board

October's Quests:

The current quests are available until October 31 at 23:59:59.

To turn in your quests, please visit the ARPG submissions page and fill out the form. All submissions must fulfill the Minimum Quest/Event Requirements and may interpret the prompt in whatever way most inspires and appeals to you! Bonuses DO apply; please remember to calculate your Dust in the form!

Quests rotate on a monthly basis, and may be completed once each.

Rewards: 100 Dust for completing a quest with the minimum requirements.
Every bonus completed adds 15 Dust.

Fire Elementals

Some fire elementals have moved into a previously-inactive volcano, and their activity within is threatening to awaken the volcano, which would cause massive destruction on the plane. Please find a way to convince them to leave, or take precautions so as not to awaken the volcano.

Maintenance Help!

A mysterious Astral has been in the Marketplace asking for help with an illness -- but upon further investigation, it is revealed they are a magically-operated advanced animatronic. Do you have the mechanical skills to help fix them?

Cursed Artifact

Someone has a cursed artifact which they would like destroyed -- however, the only way to destroy it is to throw it into an active volcano. Perhaps you can assist?

Full Moon

On the full moon of the most haunted month, many Astrals on a certain plane have begun turning into were-versions of themselves (werewolves, but whatever species they are normally). Is your Astral affected by this, or simply concerned or confused that it's happening to so many others?