Monthly Job Board

December's Quests:

The current quests are available until December 31 at 23:59:59.

To turn in your quests, please visit the ARPG submissions page and fill out the form. All submissions must fulfill the Minimum Quest/Event Requirements and may interpret the prompt in whatever way most inspires and appeals to you! Bonuses DO apply; please remember to calculate your Dust in the form!

Quests rotate on a monthly basis, and may be completed once each.

Rewards: 100 Dust for completing a quest with the minimum requirements.
Every bonus completed adds 15 Dust.


A large rabbit named Juan John Slivers has escaped from transmutation school. Please return if found.


A bridge collapsed and a cart fell down. The cart owner is asking for the bridge to be fixed and his cart returned.


A jeweler has acquired a large amount of special mineral samples and gems in a large unclaimed shipment that was sold to them. They need help with identifying the minerals.


An older Astral needs help stocking books at a library. Shes small, frail, and cannot see very well. This might lead to some mishaps while sorting.