Monthly Job Board

August's Quests:

The current quests are available until August 31 at 23:59:59.

To turn in your quests, please visit the ARPG submissions page and fill out the form. All submissions must fulfill the Minimum Quest/Event Requirements and may interpret the prompt in whatever way most inspires and appeals to you! Bonuses DO apply; please remember to calculate your Dust in the form!

Quests rotate on a monthly basis, and may be completed once each.

Rewards: 100 Dust for completing a quest with the minimum requirements.
Every bonus completed adds 15 Dust.

Delivery: Ring box...?

A small ring box must be delivered to a friend of the requester. The area around the receiver has been known to have strange disappearances, but just a quick delivery is probably safe! Probably.

Return the Treasure

A treasure was stolen from the tomb of an ancient Astral and faction leaders have successfully retrieved it. However, someone needs to return it to the tomb, which is definitely not trapped and full of ghosts. Are you the someone for the job?

Monster Removal

A farmer is being plagued by small pests (may be insects, small mammalian creatures, etc!), and needs them removed from her property. You don't need to exterminate them; relocating them is also fine!


While you are at the farm, the farmer also needs help with harvesting a large portion of their crops. It's hard work, but rewarding! She will reward the helper with a nice meal at her home afterward.